Daily Review

Tuesday 30th May – Review -$90.6


  • Days Pnl: -88.1
  • Euro: -75.5
  • GBP: -37.20
  • JPY: +24.60
  • Monthly Pnl: +143.75

Difficult day in which I took some heat, entered into two of the planned trades and got eaten. My entry selection was poor on Euro and would have booked profit if I had been more patient.

Booked positive Pnl in Yen on better entry playing the bottom of the range on CFDs, which was the opposite entry on my trade plan as we never reached the level early session.

Both Euro and Sterling trades would have paid had my showed more patient, they both came on side showing my bias research and trade plan was on point I just entered poorly took heat and due to my risk limits









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