Daily Review

Wednesday 31st May 2017 – Review +$68.70


  • Days Pnl +$68.70
  • Weekly Pnl -$21.90
  • Monthly Pnl +$212.45
  • EUSTX50 +$41.00
  • US30 +$48.00
  • USOIL +$17.40
  • DREURUSD -$44.30


  • Euro Core Inflation came in negative.
  • Euro CPI missed expectations also.
  • Chicago PBI Missed expectations however was later revised positive.
  • US Pending home sales also came in negative.


Positives – Overall, I felt the trading day went well. I could have been net positive on the week had i paid more attention to the Eurstoxx trade as it came within a couple of ticks of my third target. I took multiple positions within different instruments to captivate as much positive pnl in varied instruments as I could to get additional contracts next week. I liked my trading in the Dow hitting in with 2 contracts quickly taking what i could out of the selling pressure.

On my Tuesday daily trading plan i mentioned a preference for the short in Equities on bad data this weak on Oil weight and watching gold holding a bid over the last week. It came into play finally. Also, analysts on the Amplify post trade review mentioned the same view, so I am reading the markets right.

Negative – Revenge traded sterling instead of taking the hit on stops, could have re-entered short higher up in line with bias instead of flipping my long short position a couple times chasing the vol.

Short: Eurostoxx trade of the day – good technical intra-day level for entry, confluence on technical and also correlation to the US equity sell off the negative data dump, was in at full size of three contracts scaling on the way down on limit orders, missed my final target 3 unfortunately. Very clean trading, this is the kind of trading i need to replicate.


Short: Dow 30 – Negavite data, strong miss on the PMI numbers lead to some awesome volatility with all major indecies US and europe cracking daily lows and technical levels. I took profit quickly, looking for entries on the futures ladder orderlow. We had small wave retracements on liquidity vacuums, i waited for the sellers to re-enter the market and sold with the pressure taking profit quickly.


Short: WTI – Overal short bias on crude plus confluence on US indices cracking lows with heavy selling pressure on negavite us data, again snapped up the pnl and short volatily. I expected a correction at some point in the equity markets so didn’t want to hold for long.


Euro: Short, this trade was wrong considering the strength of the euro on recent data and the weakness of the dollar. I was definitely wrong on shorting euro here and got out for scratch for the day.


Short Sterling – Bias was correct but the correlation with Euro strengthand weak USD pulled the pound up, could have booked profits and been up for the day, should have booked while i had positive Pnl, got greedy and got nailed on the subsequent dollar weakness.


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