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Review – A few trades from the last couple of days


My trades overview since I started the TopStepTrader test for funding. Overall I feel I could be trading better, especially entries then holding for the trade to play out. I have been trading tighter ranges of consolidation after larger moves. Partly because I havent been planning my days in advance for the larger moves So primarily been trading the consolidation after the larger move has played out or consolidation before a move. Yesterdays session was a technical day, as you will see the entries were right but the volatility wasn’t there and sat in 3-10 tick ranges in crude and E-minis for ages before the move played out. I exited more or less for scratch on both trades as nothing was moving. I still scalped a few ticks on the day playing the tight ranges hoping for the market to fall away.

I moved to a new platform so have had a week of adjustment on the new ladders and making sure the pivots are set right etc… adding to adjustment period were a haven’t been feeling as comfortable as before.

The switch back to futures has also been quite nice, I am enjoying not having to execute on cfds through a broker spread, getting accurate fills and pricing.

Now need to get back into my normal routine of strategics planning my days and optimal setups and plays for the day.


Gold Shorts

Tight range consolidation after a large sell off staying onside of dollar strength and equity strength on the day. Execution was the a step on the volume profile scaling in and out on a 16 tick range. Happy with the trading, although could have held a few of the positions for longer i was weary of the possibility of profit taking after the leg down which would could put me offside for a loss on ticks for the day. The trading was opportunistic looking for further extensions to the down side. Also note it was afternoon US session on Friday after NFP so the trade and book was thin.


CL Long and shorts

First trade was a long clear break of pivot and test of previous session high. Traded two lots on the pullback took profit early on the trades as it was a techncial break and extension of fair value on the day, fare amount of a two way trade and a lack of buyers pushing the mareket hire led me in for entries shorts with a Target of 44.00, again no interest to push it lower with lack luster volatility late in the day led me to flatten for a few ticks banked for the session, the market eventually fell away but took hours todo so. Could have played the rage from 44.71 – 44.40 short, as my overall bias is short for WTI.


ES Short SNP

This was part of the desk strategy for the day, once we got to R1 it traded a 3 tick range for about 90mins and was getting tired as lack of volatility and direction, equities look like they would push higher, I came out for scratch as I was stuck with a trade 3 ticks offside testing 2429 for 40 minutes. Idea was right, just didn’t have the time or patients to wait for it to play out.


Disclaimer: There is substantial risk in trading. A loss incurred in connection with futures trading be significant. Target Alpha Trading makes no claims whatsoever regarding passed or future performance. Any Strategy is for educational purposes only.


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