Welcome to Target Alpha Trading a global macro fund in the making.

I am a derivatives trader who completed a proprietary trading career program with a London prop firm called Amplify Trading.

I trade across multiple asset classes on global futures exchanges in multiple time zones.

My main strategy is short term discretionary trading, using global macro analysis to form my views on current market sentiment in different products spanning across currencies, fixed income, indices and commodities.

Risk management is paramount and never assume outsized risk on anyone trade. Please review the performance page to see strategy performance and general statistics on day to day trading.

Also please review the blog which is updated regularly almost daily with trade plans, reviews and market musings.

I use Trading Technologies TT Platform for execution and charting through AMP Futures and american discount futures broker.

If you have any questions regarding my trading or setup please feel free to contact me via twitter or by email.

Sean Knowles

Director, Target Alpha Trading.


I believe the measure of a successful trader is being able to concentrate on processes over profit to achieve consistency. A losing trade if handled correctly, could become your best trade for day.