Welcome to my trading journal, daily plan and trade performance.

I am an aspiring derivatives trader who recently joined an intense career trading program with a proprietary trading firm based in London UK.

I am currently trading multiple instruments, predominantly, European and US indices, fixed income, FX and commodities on intraday time frames. We don’t hold overnight positions and actively day trade futures products during the European and US morning session.

I am being taught short term discretionary trading with a systematic strategies with technical trading setups derived from current macro economic drivers and geopolitical themes.

We rely heavily on fundamental analysis to gauge market sentiment and strive to remain disciplined and building consistency hand in hand with good risk management.

My goal is join a proprietary trading firm, become a fully backed trader, building consistency and increase my tradable size overtime.

I believe the measure of a successful trader is being able to concentrate on processes over profit to achieve consistency. A losing trade if handled correctly, could become your best trade for day.